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Garbage Solving

People (all with good intentions) try to solve too much. They try to solve everything with one grand, elegant strategy when sometimes we just need a net and some focus to get rid of the garbage….

Open to New Opportunities

Often when we see this phrase (especially on LinkedIn) it means “I’m looking for work,” but we should all be on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow.

Don’t Treat your Company Like a Museum

In a podcast interview with Reed Hoffman, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix made the insightful comment that in regards to culture success is less about preserving than it is about improving. Too many leaders worry about preserving culture as if it is some sort of museum piece…

Data before Dogma and the Over-hyped Millennial

It has become a stale dogma about all the differences with “millennials these days.”  When this comes up in meetings I attend or talks I give, the millennial representatives almost universally roll their eyes. They know (as those older should as well) that the issue of people is messy and complex. …