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Success has a Need for Speed

Success has a Need for Speed

One of the key success disciplines of any team is the ability to get the right things done in a timeframe that matters.This discipline is called Speed of Implementation.Speed is POWERFUL.In fact, with the world we live in today, SPEED is the new BIG.Remember: Bullets...

You Decide Who You Are

You Decide Who You Are

The following quote is from a sociologist named Charles Cooley. Read it carefully. “I am who I think you think I am.” Read it again if you didn’t totally get it. What he’s saying is that people come to understand who they are by imagining what others think of them. It...

You Have the Team You Have Earned

You Have the Team You Have Earned

Leaders will say their biggest priority is finding and retaining great talent. They also complain about big companies coming in and taking all the good talent, the effect of government disincentives to work, a pervading culture of entitlement, and on and on. These can...

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