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Executive Advisory

Ensure success of your most important priorities with an unbiased perspective. Get a confidential, experienced, sounding board to help prepare for critical conversations, manage change, evaluate opportunities, make key personnel decisions, consider strategic pivots, and put your best foot forward as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Raise your leadership game with a proven, structured approach. Ideal for leaders moving to a new role, preparing for expanded personal opportunities, leading a new team, or those who just want to be the most effective, inspiring leader they can be.

Talent Management

Ensure organizational success by getting the systems to hire, manage, develop and retain the very best talent.


Spark creativity. Create a culture of innovation. Be the Dangerously Innovative™ company that everyone else is watching.

Strategic Development

Position your organization for success with power of Sentient Strategy©. Get out of the weeds and get working on the highest and best opportunities, fast.


Gary led us through a strategy process that was practical, straightforward, and time-effective. It got us thinking differently and moving quickly on our high-value objectives. It was time very well spent.

Karen Jayne
CEO, Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies

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Great Teams Work WITH Leaders and Not Just FOR Them

Great Teams Work WITH Leaders and Not Just FOR Them

A colleague asked if I felt I would ever work for a company again. I told him that I have very little interest in working “for” anybody, but I have always enjoyed working “with” others.I don’t think I am alone.When a person feels like they are working FOR someone...

Effective Leaders Hustle More and Hamster Less

Effective Leaders Hustle More and Hamster Less

Effective leaders love getting lots of things done, and they hate going in circles. So it is good to recognize what kind of “busy” you are. Are you spinning the proverbial hamster wheel or are you hustling and making progress on the things you care about?When leaders...

Don’t Try and Do Everything

Don’t Try and Do Everything

If a leader is “doing it all”, then it is likely not being done well. You may have heard of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). In leaders I often see FOLG (Fear of Letting Go). They try and hold on to too much. It’s a big mistake that will hamper the growth of an...

Ridiculously Innovative

Ridiculously Innovative

This ebook is perfect for leaders who want to better equip themselves to harness the creativity around them, apply it to more effectively to grow their business, and foster a culture of innovation.

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