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Improving Organizations and their Results

I help leaders develop great talent, keep strategic focus and innovate continuously. My tailored coaching and workshops help leaders improve their organizations and achieve stellar business results–without burning out.


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Meet Gary Covert

As an executive advisor and coach, Gary helps senior leaders execute strategically, develop exceptional teams, and innovate effectively. Gary’s clients work in a variety of industries, including energy, construction, technology, healthcare, senior care, restaurants, and mining.

His passion for growing businesses and seeing people living to their full potential drove Gary to launch Alpha Performance Coaching in 2013. In 2018, he rebranded to Gary Covert Consulting to encompass all of the aspects of what he is able to provide to his clients.

Gary’s industry experience outside of consulting includes mining, manufacturing, semiconductor, data storage, flat-panel displays, and thin-film-deposition processes. Gary is a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management (now part of ASU) and earned his B.A. in Japanese from ASU.

How Gary Has Helped Clients Succeed

Clients who work with Gary Covert Consulting represent high-potential, critical decision-makers who work in complex, fast-paced environments with demanding stakeholders. The leaders who work with Gary regularly report improvements in profits, accelerated drive for results, and higher-functioning teams, as well as significant growth in individual and leadership effectiveness. Clients work in a diverse range of industries, including logistics, technology, global hospitality, eye health, restaurants and hospitality, healthcare, financial services, engineering and construction, mining, and oil exploration and production. Gary’s clients are highly visible. Recently, he had two of his clients recognized on their cities’ Business Journal as top leaders.

Some of the wins his clients have enjoyed include:

Reclaimed Time
One coaching client got 20 hours of his life back each week after working with Gary to prioritize tasks and re-center his efforts.

Significant Business Growth
A coaching client grew a $200 million project backlog.

Personal Advancement
An executive moved up to an expanded global innovation role by showing his $7 billion organization he was capable of much more.


Executive Advisory

Imagine having outside, unbiased perspective to help make decisions with more confidence that all options were considered and potential risks identified. Leaders don’t just get paid to make decisions, they get paid to make decisions that ensure growth and the continued vitality of their organizations. With executive advisory services, senior leaders have a confidential resource that helps them prepare for critical conversations, ask the right questions, and put their best foot forward as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Clients may come to Gary individually or as a team. They are typically key leaders and members of the executive suite. Gary provides one-on-one coaching and assessments to help clients identify areas for improvement and seize opportunities.

Talent Management

To grow successfully, companies need to effectively hire, manage, develop, and retain top talent. Gary puts systems in place for organizations to select the right candidates, onboard correctly, and successfully manage talent internally. These systems give leaders an effective toolkit to maximize their ability to dramatically improve their ability to manage talent.


Through workshops, team coaching and individual coaching Gary helps senior leaders maintain the essential discipline of continuously raising the bar and challenging their own status quo. Whether your organization is a small- or medium-sized business or a large enterprise, Gary can tailor high-impact solutions that can bring together diverse and remote elements of the organization, cohesively manage ideas, improve engagement, and positively sustain cultures of innovation. CLICK HERE for a examples of services.


As a certified Sentient Strategy® facilitator, Gary helps senior leaders rapidly establish or re-evaluate strategy for high-impact results. The Sentient Strategy process developed by Dr. Alan Weiss is ideal for organizations to navigate with confidence in uncertain times and can be delivered both in-person and remotely. Click HERE for more details.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Are you ready to up your game and lead the best organization you possibly can? Make more progress faster on high-impact initiatives? Lead constant innovation? Start with scheduling a confidential consult by calling 480-720-9551 or by emailing gary@garycovertconsulting.com.


Gary’s coaching and support has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. His insights into my behavior and guidance around business challenges have helped me think more strategically about the future of my organization and will ultimately result in a stronger more sustainable company.


I have worked with Gary Covert for the past few years and have been very pleased with our results. Gary has helped me think more strategically about becoming a results driven leader. I am always impressed with Gary’s ability to synthesize a problem I am experiencing at my company and work with me on a variety of strategic approaches to solving them.

CEO, statewide nonprofit

Gary, I want to take a moment to thank you for the work / coaching that you did with me this past year. Your individualized plan really tailored to the areas that I needed some awareness and coaching. I really appreciated the time taken to do verbal 360’s with the folks I have the pleasure to work with, that really opened my eyes to how people see me in certain situations. The advice and coaching is paying dividends to me personally and professionally. Thanks for the help.

VP and General Manager Fortune 500 Company

After achieving a level a fairly high level of success in my business life running a large group practice system and rapidly growing insurance company I found myself disheartened because my life was out of balance. Gary helped me to quickly course correct into a lifestyle that nurtured success throughout my life both personally and professionally without deeply intruding on any one aspect and for that I cannot recommend him enough.

Multi-practice owner and CEO

I recently had the pleasure of engaging in a coaching relationship with Gary Covert.  I was very impressed with Gary’s ability to quickly identify areas for development and recommend pertinent materials that addressed the issues that were on my mind. His passion for the coaching style of leadership was infectious and I observed myself modeling his techniques after a few short sessions. We also started to work through the Harrison Assessment, which proved to be a valuable insight on my abilities as CEO of a small business. The Harrison Assessment is very comprehensive and has provided me with an abundance of materials and exercises to improve my skill set as a leader… I highly recommend anyone looking to develop their leadership style to speak with Gary Covert.

Business owner and CEO

Gary has helped me with my own development through active coaching and conversation, while also giving very good insight on our recruitment and talent development endeavors.  He gives a very beneficial outside perspective on issues pertaining to all facets of work and life.

VP, ENR Top 100 construction company

With Gary’s guidance we have not made a bad hire.  He boosts our confidence and ability to identify, hire and onboard great talent.  Our growth reflects this.

CEO, financial services company

Through my work with Gary I realized that I was bringing “more value” than needed to my teams. He challenged me to lead strategically versus operationally. The result of this work contributed to an increase in team ownership and a decreased need for leadership involvement.

Director, Fortune 100 Healthcare company

Gary has provided us with tools and strategy to innovate. We now have a common language and can innovate at all levels of the company.

CEO, emergency water damge company

Gary led us through a strategy process that was practical, straightforward, and time-effective. It got us thinking differently and moving quickly on our high-value objectives. It was time very well spent.

Karen Jayne, CEO, Stardust


Client Success Stories

The Situation
A senior leader was named head of a new business unit with significant growth expectations. The leader, while very experienced, was starting from scratch and with a team that was unknown to him.

Gary’s Intervention
Key team members were identified and data were collected on each through assessments and 360 interviews. The data was reviewed with each key leader individually, gaps were identified, and a draft plan was prepared to present to the team leader. The team leader was also briefed directly on each team member’s assessment results to give a clear picture of how best to lead and support that direct report. Each of the key leaders’ plans were reviewed with the team leader with development goals tied to key strategic outcomes.

The Result
The team leader expressed higher confidence in how to best address the future development of direct reports, get individual team members on a plan to effect change in the short term, and interact with them in the most effective way possible. The team has successfully grown the region and their reputation as a preferred partner for large projects.

The Situation
A senior leader working in a large multinational organization felt that he could be even more effective in his interactions across functions. Many key projects were dependent on the quality of his interactions with key stakeholders, alignment of resources, and meeting key milestones with other groups.

Gary’s Intervention
Data were collected via assessments and interviews with key stakeholders, direct reports, and the client’s manager, the CMO. Gaps and strengths were identified that informed and suggested behavior strategies to improve synergistic value creation with other business functions. The leader practiced the new strategies and added new ones based on interactions with stakeholders.

The Result
Interactions were reported to be much more productive, resulting in effective alignment with other groups to deliver mission-critical projects on time. Direct reports and peers reported the leader was much more effective in interactions, allowing for the creation of more value and synergy between departments. The leader was subsequently given a global role with more opportunity to create value among business units.

The Situation
A company was growing rapidly and needed to quickly assess potential hires, onboard quickly, and equip relatively new supervisors with skills and tools to effectively manage, develop, and retain the expected increase in workforce. Competition for talent was keen, so they also needed a solution that could help the organization position themselves most attractively to in-demand candidates.

Gary’s Intervention
A talent management system was put in place that could quickly assess candidate suitability for a variety of key positions. New hiring managers were given tools and training so that they could effectively interview, attract candidates, manage, develop, and retain new talent.

The Result
New hiring managers reported more confidence in selecting candidates and knowing how best to bring new talent up to speed quickly. They also reported that they were able to more accurately assess what were key hot buttons for candidates and make sure they were used effectively in the recruitment process.


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