17a47716-5063-40b6-b9ad-f0acf65614d5When people think of coaching they often think of coaching in terms of the individual, one-on-one variety.  There are many situations where team coaching is a great alternative.  Leaders should consider team coaching when:

  • A new team is being formed because of restructuring, reorganizations, acquisitions, expansion of lines of business, etc.
  • A project team has organization-critical goals and deadlines.
  • Existing teams are exhibiting dysfunctional behavior— moderate or severe.
  • Two highly interdependent teams are not working well together.
  • A high-functioning team wants to get even better.
  • Several individuals in a team or group have similar development needs and may benefit from working together as a group.
  • The leader is looking for a cost- and time-efficient way to provide coaching to several individuals or invest on a more limited scale with less senior teams.

There are many benefits to coaching a team and versus an individual in a team:

  1. Clarity of shared vision and purpose
  2. Learning coaching as a leadership skill
  3. Increased trust and stronger relationships
  4. Avoiding team members feeling singled out (positively or negatively) for formal development
  5. Scale of impact

If you have questions about coaching (team or otherwise), don’t hesitate to contact me.