From the many CEOs I am honored to interact with, I get to see many examples of success habits.

Here are three such habits I was reminded of this week:

Move fast. One CEO I met, shared that they started their winery in the middle of the pandemic, built up production, established a loyal following, won a state award for their wines, and recently completed a stand-alone, full-service wine tasting room with restaurant.

Be focused. Another CEO I met is scaling up a full service, general dentistry chain focused solely on the under-served Hispanic markets of major metro areas in Arizona and Texas.

Push where needed. Another CEO remarked how he has to push his team with “pig-headed discipline” to continue to leverage their CRM system to grow sales. They are getting results, but he senses that if he pulls back the team will let it drop.

Take quick action. Focus the team. Make sure the team is doing the hard work that matters. Sounds like a good punch list for any leader.