Are you looking for opportunity in all the wrong places? We just moved and I keep expecting things to be in their old places (like under a sink) when they are now in new places (like in a closet). If this recent corona virus experience has taught us anything is that things are not as fixed and predictable as we would hope. The business environment is constantly changing and success requires comfort with the new. Below are 5 ways to uncover more new things that will raise the bar for your organization:

  1. looking deeper (all the way to the front line and field)
  2. looking wider (making sure key org groups are innovating collaboratively)
  3. looking for the more strategic (ID those key strategic drivers and focusing innovation efforts there)
  4. using more discipline (carving out time for dedicated innovation cycles)
  5. addressing negative beliefs that can undermine innovative culture (like “I am not creative”)

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