You have heard of a reality check. Today I am going to suggest an alacrity check. Alacrity (as many of you have heard me say) is moving with speed and enthusiasm. Speed without enthusiasm is robotic. Enthusiasm without speed is daydreaming. No speed and no enthusiasm is the existence of zombies. None of those three states is compatible with high performance.

Alacrity is what we should be after because we can get results that are sustainable over time.

Consider some of your major goals and activities for this year. Where would you place yourself on the following graph?



If enthusiasm is not as high as you would like, why is that? Many people suffer from low enthusiasm because of getting in their own head with an over-active inner critic or with some unhelpful assumptions. It is also possible that the activity is simply something a person will never really enjoy. (And if that is the case, then the options include minimizing or eliminating the activity.)

If speed is not as high as you would like, why is that? Many people slow themselves down by taking on too much or over-complicating. Others slow themselves down by procrastinating or second-guessing themselves (both being symptoms of fear and unhelpful assumptions). Speed may also simply be a function of unfamiliarity (like when learning a new skill or starting a new role).

If speed and enthusiasm are at a sufficiently high level, why is that? What are the factors that really contribute to your success? What can you do to make sure these factors stay in place?

While people like the idea of moving fast, I think people benefit the most when they have the tandem and complimentary dimensions of speed and enthusiasm. Those that can keep both speed and enthusiasm high will be the ones to stay at the top of their game for the long run.

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