Never reject one of your gifts.

We all have many gifts and a leader should lean into as many of them as they can. Leaders should also encourage each of their team members to do the same.

Just because something comes easy or natural to you doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

Maybe you have a knack for understanding how people think. Maybe you are naturally influential. Maybe you are good at getting people to see the big picture or get ideas across the finish line.

Everyone has an abundance of gifts. Start recognizing all of yours. Help your team to do the same.

Never reject, negate, minimize or downplay a gift. Imagine a offering something to a kid that you know would be good for them and they say “Nah, I don’t want that.”

It’s an insult. It’s a waste.

This Thanksgiving week, be grateful for the strengths that you have. Help your team to do the same.

You will feel great and you will be better equipped to take on higher levels of challenge.