I read recently about Matija Pecotic, as rising star in tennis. His career is notable because until very recently he was working full-time at a real estate investment firm and competing in tennis on the side. After notching some big wins, he is ready to devote more time to tennis, but he is not quitting yet. His bosses know he will be spending less time at work, but are happy to support his dreams.

Inspiring story, right?

I love that Pecotic is pursuing his dreams, but I also love that the leadership of the firm are behind him.

All leaders should be in the dream business.

Leaders should constantly talk about AND DELIVER an environment where dreams can come true.

  • Want to try new things and challenge yourself? You can do that here.
  • Want to develop yourself professionally? You can do that here.
  • Want to have an impact in your community? You can do that here.
  • Want to make a good life for you and your family? You can do that here.

Leaders often wonder…

  • Why don’t people show up ready to do their best?
  • Why don’t people utilize our retirement tools?
  • Why don’t people seem interested in bettering themselves?

Often the reason is because team members might have no/low goals.

Leaders can help with that.

Talk about dreams. Talk about the importance of having and pursuing something big and inspiring.

Talk about YOUR dreams and goals.

And then…this is important…talk about how this can be done HERE.

Setting goals and pursuing a big, interesting life will not resonate with everyone. But it will be highly attractive to those with whom it does.

Leaders should support dreams.

Supporting dreams is great for your team and your business. People are starved for positivity and for opportunities to pursue an interesting life.

More energy and more positivity makes for:

  • More motivated people
  • More task done with more enthusiasm
  • Attractive workplaces
  • ….and more!

Do it. Lean into helping members of your team achieve their dreams. It will likely accelerate attainment of your dreams too.