Some of you might remember a radio show called Car Talk with Ray and Tom Magliozzi (aka “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers”). They dispensed humor and practical car advice for decades on public radio. They were a fun part of my life and helped pass the time on many Saturday morning trips in the car.

The show went off the air because of the declining health and eventual death of Tom.

A couple days ago I heard Ray’s voice again, this time on an advertisement for eBay cars. Within five seconds of hearing his voice, I remembered  and appreciated all the time spent listening to their show.

You always remember those who bring positivity into your life.  Sometimes it is through humor. Or helpfulness. Or simply through encouragement.

Being a leader puts you in a unique position to encourage positivity and the benefits it brings to an organization. The positivity you give (or lack of it) will be felt keenly by those that work for you and with you. Your positivity can make it easier for people to emulate positivity and “pass it along.”

I loved that Ray and Tom’s show provided practical guidance in a positive way. And that’s not a bad approach for leaders either.