A commercial real estate leader and expert in site selection for companies shared with me the concept of “burning through the market.” Evidently some company jobs are so bad (typically call center jobs) that these companies “burn through” the available market for talent and have to move in order to find new talent.

Poor leaders can burn through talent too. Either the talent will leave or (if they stay) they will give just enough to not get fired.

People want a leader in whom they can believe. Great leaders help people stay focused and attract the energies of talented individuals. Most investors in companies will tell you that they are as interested in the proposed management team as they are about the business model itself.

People make the same kinds of judgements when they decide where to work and how much of themselves (time, energy and creativity) they will invest in their work.

Luckily, the requirements for a leader are pretty simple:

Be very clear about direction and priorities. People get nervous when the strategy is not clear or is constantly changing. If approaches do need to change, then be sure to communicate why an adjustment was necessary.

Show you care about the personal and business success of each team member. This is done both through positive personal interactions as well as policies that support success like career tracks, profit-sharing, and leadership development opportunities.

Maintain personal integrity. People would rather see a sermon than hear one any day. Talking about the company values is important. Being the leader who demonstrates those values in actions is essential.

Let’s flip the script and be the leaders that others can believe in. And I believe that is within your ability.