After a move to a new neighborhood, we tried out a new dentist. But this new dentist only spoke to me from behind. (One of my big pet peeves for dentists.) She did not take the time to come around and talk to me face to face. I had no clue who she was as a person. The fact that she did not want to talk face to face also eroded her credibility. Zero connection. She did not become our dentist.

Connections are critical. And if you want them, you have to show your face.

Want better engagement with your team? Give them some face time. Ask how a project is going. Acknowledge them with examples of the hard work you are seeing. Greet the new hires with enthusiasm. Stop hiding behind emails. People get too many of them anyway.

Great connections also improve marketing. Get on camera and talk about why you love your company, industry, or team. You can also talk about your culture and why it is so important to you and how it benefits the customer and community. (Hint: Start with the phrase “We believe” and roll from there.)

“Corporate” is not a compliment. Humanizing your interactions with your team and customers creates connection. People want to know who they are dealing with. Show them who you are and what you believe.

THAT creates connection, and connection is great business.