People of substance become so by choosing to be bigger. We all have a choice to live big or live small.

Think of it like a grape. A grape and the seeds it contains can either grow (by putting out roots and vines, and producing more fruit) or it can become a raisin — dried up and shriveled.

The difference between us and the grape is that we have the ability to choose. We can choose to grow or shrink.

What does that look like?

✧ Growing people choose to have/be:
✧ Positive habits
✧ Life-long Learner
✧ Open to Experience
✧ Many Connections
✧ Hold Possibilities
✧ Enriching beliefs
✧ Awareness

Shrinking people choose to have/be:

✦ Bad habits
✦ Know it All
✦ Limit Experiences
✦ Few Connections
✦ Negative Assumptions
✦ Limiting Beliefs
✦ Auto-pilot

Choosing big is the path to growth.
We all have the responsibility to choose.  I hope we all choose “big.”