When people hear the name Captain Morgan, they are likely to think of the pirate on the rum bottle.  Captain Henry Morgan was a pirate, and an exceptional one at that. Notable exploits include the sacking of the city of Panama. While it is true that he was a pirate (or a privateer under the auspices of the British government if you prefer, the distinctions can get murky) that is not the end of his story.

When the political winds shifted, and there was a lot less tolerance for piratical tactics (even if it helped the English against their enemy, the Spanish) he later settled down, became respectable and (later) the governor of Jamaica.

People can be wild in their youth and quite different as adults.

Leaders too can change dramatically. The hard charger can become a great people developer. The strict policy follower can become the one to lead innovative change. Leaders can and are likely to grow significantly across their careers.

But growth is not a given. People need to change to grow. It is why we see tall oak trees instead of 500 pound acorns. Intentional growth. Now that’s something worth drinking to.