Ted Lasso, the popular Apple TV series has ended after three seasons.

I think one of the reasons for its popularity is that its characters developed over time. It wasn’t just what happened to the characters (the plot), but it was how each of the characters responded.

Everybody loves a story of personal struggle and growth over time.

What happens to business leaders is fairly predictable. Markets grow and shrink. Prices/costs rise and fall. Customer needs change. Team members come and go. Technologies change.

For me, the most interesting part are the responses to these changes that I see from leaders.

Some are quite inspiring. I have seen leaders grow, toughen up, refine skills, uncover new talents, and develop new and improved ways to relate with others.

Remember: It is not what is happening to you, but rather how you are responding that is important.

Growth and character development­­—that’s something that always makes for a great story.

What challenges and problems have you encountered recently? In what ways are they helping you to be a better person and leader?