sabanI recently saw a fascinating interview of Nick Saban, head coach of Alabama’s football team.

In the interview they highlight his philosophy about success in football.  His philosophy is something they call the “Process” and is says the key to winning is staying in the process…and don’t worry about the scoreboard.

That is really good advice and seems to be working well for Alabama. Nick Saban credits the process to getting them the 2012 National Championship.

Coach Saban’s process is also good advice for the business and professional world and makes the distinction between process goals and outcome goals.

Outcome goals are what we want to achieve, like a certain revenue target. The problem with fixation on a revenue goal is that there are no immediate ways to achieve it.  That’s where the process goals come into play.  Well-developed process goals help keep us focused on what we CAN do to move closer to our goals. For financial planners and sales people, process goals would be calling a certain number of prospects or setting a certain number of appointments.

Psychologists have also found that process goals (sometimes called mastery goals) are more motivational for people and easier to keep momentum.

Knowing where you are going is critical, but winners also know how to stay in the process.  As you work towards your goals you might consider revisiting your process and making sure the goals you have for those are moving you in the direction that you want.