People will say they want to be a great leader, build a great company, or have a great career.

But why?

The obvious answers will include money and satisfaction. And these are great answers.

But I feel that is just the beginning. I think the more successful we are, the bigger positive impact we can have on the world.

Great leaders make great companies. Great companies make lots of money. That money employs people who in turn can help others. Profits from the company can also be used directly to help the community.

Not being the very best leader or entrepreneur you can be therefore lessens the amount of prosperity in the world. That sounds selfish to me.

The founder of a very successful investment company says that a small company is a selfish company. Grant Cardone’s famous mantra is “Success is your duty.”

Limiting your success then means putting limits on the good that others can enjoy.

Anyway that is the way that I see it. I hope you do too.

–If that idea resonates with you (and especially if it does not!), take the time to listen to this talk by Jeff Hoffman, who spoke to an investor group to which I belong. He’s a billionaire who came from very modest means and went on to grow some amazingly valuable companies. But the best part is all the examples of impact that came along the way. I think you will be very inspired. And you might need a tissue. I did!