The corner man (in fact, usually a team of people) supports a fighter (boxer, mixed martial artist, etc.) during a fight. They look out for the fighter, provide coaching tips in between rounds, and offer encouragement.

It is a hugely important role. While the winner is decided in the ring, what happens in the corner can be pivotal to their success.

Leaders who have great resources in their corner are much more likely to be successful than those who try and go it alone.

Make sure you have great resources in ALL of these areas:

  • Peers (other successful leaders like you)
  • Mentors (those who have more experience than you)
  • Professional experts (accountants, wealth management advisors, bankers, leadership consultants, and the like with specific knowledge you need)
  • Family and friends (those who have your best interest at heart no matter what)

Everyone has challenges. Prepare a network that will be able to help you when that day comes.

And keep in mind that the worst time to be trying to make friends is when you need one. Work at developing your corner in advance and keeping it well maintained. (And note that the best way to develop your corner is to be a great corner for someone else.)

As I tell the teams I work with: no one is to suffer in silence. If you need something, ask. We are here to help.

And that’s my offer to you. If you need someone in your corner, reach out.

Fighters realize the wisdom of having a good corner. I hope you do too.