Cultural interactions can be messy and complicated. An assessment in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) can help managers and executives break through the complexity and have more effective intercultural interactions.  An assessment can uncover both strengths and blind spots.

With 20+ years experience with other cultures I was surprised about my own CQ assessment result and a big blind spot that was uncovered – motivation.

One would think that with 20+ years experience with others cultures that I would score high in motivation.  What I found was that while higher than median measures, it was my lowest score.  Seeing the score made me consider my motivators (intrinsic and extrinsic) and find out what was both helping me and holding me back.

Once I got better clarity on my “why” then I was better able to leverage my strengths in cultural knowledge, strategy and behavior.

It is easy to get lazy in our development.  An assessment can help us get to new levels of effectiveness by giving us new tools and insights to work with.

Want to better manage your cultural interactions?  Then take the time to measure.  You may be surprised by what you can see –and do.