Many of the streaming services have some incredibly entertaining series. (We loved Acapulco, Ted Lasso, and Ozarks in particular.) Movies from streaming services, on the other hand, seem to be about 20-30 minutes too long. In many cases, the movie would be better with tighter edits.

Award shows too, would likely be a lot more interesting if they pared down some of the categories. (Of course, editing out all the political commentary would be welcome too.)

Time is always of the essence and in many cases less is more.

You may not really need 2 days for a retreat.

It should not take a quarter to set the objectives for the current year.

If you can get back to a customer with a good answer the same day, that is better than a perfect answer in a week.

Ensure that in meetings, people are sharing what people need to know and not everything they know. (And yes you are doing people a favor by interrupting and asking them to get to the point.)

The most successful leaders are the ones that keep urgency high and make sure the organization is using time effectively.

It starts with creating a culture that values time and taking steps to create value. And you can do that starting…now.