I cannot see or hear you, but I am going to bet your answer is a YES.

Most leaders would want respect.

Not everyone hits the mark.

Some miss because they want to be liked.

Some miss because they mistake respect for fear.

The truth is getting respect is pretty straightforward, once you decide it is your target.

And respect is important. Without respect your people will not trust you. They will tune you out. They will look to other leaders or may leave your team entirely.

You get respect by being able to relate with people skillfully and by leading people to get good results. You also get respect by setting the standard for conduct.

If you know your interpersonal skills need work, address it.

If you struggle to keep the job on track and get results, look at what you are doing or not doing first.

If you do not epitomize personal character and the values of the company, decide to be that today.

Respect yourself enough to be the most respected leader you can be. People will notice. You will get even better results. And the leaders you lead may be inspired to emulate you.