Our dog was recently and suddenly sick. She got treatment and is better now, but for a panicked moment, I wondered if she might have COVID. (Yes it was a crazy fear, but in my defense, I don’t think I am the only pet owner to suffer from crazy fears when their pet is sick.)

The episode is an example of crazy causes that we can attribute to our problems, including those in our companies and teams.

COVID has exacerbated a lot of business problems, but it is likely not the cause of all of them. Correlation is not causation.

–>If people are disengaged now, it is possible many were before COVID.

–>If priorities and strategy are not clear now, it is possible that lack of clarity was an issue before COVID.

–>If competitive advantage is worsening now, it is possible that the slide had started already.

Not all business challenges can be attributed to “COVID” or “2020.” It is up to leaders get real with their issues and keep their organizations and teams healthy so that they can weather the tough times that will inevitably come again.

Getting real with our issues–just what the doctor ordered.