After a biopsy, the PA at my dermatologist instructed me to keep a band-aid on with Vaseline, but “no Neosporin.” (She was very emphatic about it.)

Me: “Why? I have been using it for years. I thought it was a great medicine.”

PA: “Some people are sensitive to it.”

Me thinking: Hmmm…So, a proven medicine successfully used for decades should be shunned because some people are now sensitive to it?? And I have never had an adverse reaction??

I used the Neosporin and it worked out just fine.

Just because some people will be sensitive to something, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Some people on a team might be sensitive to things like: feedback, change, new levels of accountability, focus on results, new technology, and different workflows.

Others on a team will embrace these things.

As one of my colleagues likes to say, “You can never go wrong by doing the right thing.”

Choose the right thing. Work with your team on how to get there. Don’t dumb down a vision because of fear of sensitivities. Courage is contagious and good medicine for a number of ills.