How do you support motivation in your teams?

Here’s my suggestion… address: ENJOYMENT, MONEY, and MEANING.

Enjoyment: People who enjoy their job 75% or more of the time are 3X more likely to succeed at it. Make sure people are a FIT by looking at the factors that will affect their Enjoyment: demands of the job, the culture, and preferences (on a team or not, fast paced or slow, opportunity to lead, etc.)

Money: Give your team the opportunity to earn solid financial rewards for their work. Pay your team a competitive wage. Don’t make bonus programs unclear or complicated. (And don’t get upset if you start paying large bonuses…that’s a GOOD sign!)

Meaning: Help your team tie their work to something meaningful. Connect the dots on how this role improves the company or the community. Allow people the opportunity to make improvements to what they do and how they do it.

If your team members ENJOY what they do, are well COMPENSATED for it, and find MEANING in the work, you set the stage for an environment in which people will be proud to work hard.