These have been times of unprecedented changes, even for dogs. When we moved, our dog Candy went without a doggie door for two months. (We weren’t sure about the risk from coyotes etc and did not want to chance it.)

Now she has her own door again, but is  confused about what it is for. She knows it is good for getting back inside where it is safe and quiet, but is less apt to use it for getting outside where there are interesting things to explore and experience. She has forgotten that she has control over her chief pleasures in life: sniffing things and sunning herself out on the patio.

Have you forgotten what the door is for? Are you more apt to look at the current situation as an opportunity to step through to new things or are you looking for the exits?

There is great opportunity if you are willing to look for it. It is a great time to learn more about your team and what makes them tick. It is a great time to analyze what will propel your organization forward given the new realities. It is a great time to learn from your organization experiences and the experiences of others.

This situation is evolving rapidly and we need to be ready for the great opportunities ahead. The question is what side of the door we will find ourselves when they do come.


If you missed it, here’s a recording of a webinar on which I was a panelist with the founder of Innovation Minds. I talk about the three key elements that must be addressed by leaders in order to innovate effectively right now.

And click the link for more details about my partnership with Innovation Minds and how we are working together to help teams innovate remotely. Gary Covert Consulting and Innovation Minds Partner to Drive Enterprise Innovation for Distributed and Remote Workforces

And if you want some great tips for working remotely, my buddy Tim Parkin has a series of videos for marketing teams working remotely that probably apply to all teams. Check it out if you are interested.