Effective leaders love getting lots of things done, and they hate going in circles. So it is good to recognize what kind of “busy” you are. Are you spinning the proverbial hamster wheel or are you hustling and making progress on the things you care about?

When leaders are on a hamster wheel, they are often:

Addressing problems without getting to the root cause. The problem might be a lack of quality and consistent output in a department, but the root cause might be poor training or even the attitude of a team member. The leader who continues to address problems without addressing root cause will find themselves solving the same problem over and over again.

Trying to take up the slack of others. Leaders can and should expect others to do their part. Picking up the slack might include doing the work of members of their team or even the work of peers. A leader who is constantly having to step in and fix the mistakes of others or take the initiative where others are not will never reach their full potential.

Leaders who are on the hamster wheel can suffer from frustration and low morale even though they are putting in a ton of hours at work.
Leaders who are hustling are consistently:

  • Adding new capabilities to the team/organization
  • Making in-roads on projects and initiatives that they care about

PLUS they are likely feeling excited even when they are tired out from a long week.

More hustle and less hamster. Give it a spin.