Do you think the level of enthusiasm of you and your teams have on impact on business results? If so, how do you maintain or improve it?

Here’s my take:

Every day is a fresh new day. And every day can benefit from a good dose of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm will open you up to new ideas. Enthusiasm allows you to show up as the best version of yourself. (Yes, some versions of you are less effective than others.) Enthusiasm elicits support and buys in from members of your team, partners, and customers. Enthusiasm creates more enthusiasm.

The dictionary defines enthusiasm as intense and eager enjoyment, interest…

Enthusiasm is a strong and positive feeling. It colors how you will experience the world and express yourself.

You can ramp up enthusiasm with two actions:

  1. Decide that you will be enthusiastic. (Decide and do not waver.)
  2. Align your actions to your Purpose and Aspirational Goals. (Clarify or refine these if you do not have them.)

Enthusiasm creates the mindset and positive emotions that allow a person to think high quality thoughts and take high quality actions.

Enthusiasm will improve your results because it will improve who you are.

I am enthusiastic about the power of enthusiasm to improve leaders and teams. The result is always higher quality thinking and higher quality actions. Decide to be more enthusiastic today. I think you will notice immediate and profound results.

And let me know how it worked out. I am enthusiastic about feedback too.

What gets you fired up? In what ways can you express more enthusiasm today?