Recently I had to get up a ladder for some home repairs.  Where I needed to work was 25 feet up and miles outside my comfort zone. The job was completed safely, but it brings home a few principles for success with things that cause us fear.

Make a good plan.  Trust me when I say I looked at every other option and a well-positioned extendable ladder was the only way.  The plan was improved for safety by having my buddy there to call 911 just in case.

Elicit Support.  My safety buddy (yes that was my wife’s idea) actually had the biggest impact by helping me realize the real and perceived dangers.  Also he helped me get outside myself and push to the top.

Focus on the Purpose.  I was not about to disappoint a loved one. Nuff said.

Take it a Step at a Time.  Break down any task into the simplest components.  In my case it was “just one more rung.”

Add the Success to your Story.  As Dr. Jim Loehr writes so eloquently, we are constantly telling a story about ourselves, to ourselves.  Boost your story and your confidence for the next challenge by remembering each of the smaller successes.  This one is going in MY story file.