5za6nih4qpw-providence-doucet resizedFeedback may be the breakfast of champions, but it is ONLY breakfast. If we don’t do something with that feedback, then another champion will eat our lunch.

Once a person receives feedback, they need to do something with it.  Feedback has its limitations because it only talks about the past.  Development is all about the future.

If you are the receiver of feedback…consider what the feedback is telling you.  Don’t try to rationalize or defend, just analyze it for what the feedback is: data.  Then ask yourself how does this data relate to your goals, and take some action.

If you are the giver of feedback…don’t stop there.  Go the extra (productive) step and tell the person what they could DO to improve.  It’s easy to tell someone they could do better (and be an arm chair quarter back).  It is harder but infinitely more useful to give the person some guidance for possible next steps.  Note:  you can’t get mad if they don’t take all your suggestions.  Suggestions are just like a helium balloon on a string. You can only offer it. The person can either grab it or not.