Currently, only a small number of the US population have the habit of regular exercise and staying physically active.

But that small number can have a big impact.

Their example can encourage others to be more active. Their kids might see their efforts and decide they want to be active too. Their positive moods might make their work environments better too.

Just imagine the impact 10 (or 100!) endorphin-rich, smiling, positive people might have in their communities and companies.

It only takes a few people to make things better.

In your company, who are your few?

If you want your company to be better you will need some allies and like-minded compatriots.

As the CEO, your few will include your senior leadership team. It will also include key operational and sales people.

Find your few and nurture them. Help them to see the positive impact they can have on the rest of the organization. Soon your few will multiply and become the standard for something great.