Many people are getting excited about the Game of Thrones final season. Some of the most popular characters have been “skin changers”—wargs. In the GOT universe, a warg is someone who can project their minds into the minds of animals like wolves. It is a useful power, but comes with a caution: spend too much time in the mind of a wolf and you might just become a wolf; spend too much time in the mind of a deer and you might just think like prey.

In business, assuming a role can be helpful, be we need to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

A risk of assuming the “problem solver” role is that every problem is ours to fix.

A risk of  assuming the “hero” role is viewing everyone as a person that needs rescuing.

A risk of assuming the “subject matter expert” role is that we might feel compelled to have all the answers or always be right.

A risk of assuming the “go to” guy/gal role is that a person’s worth becomes dependent upon people coming to them for help

What roles have you taken on? Have there been any unhelpful or negative consequences? If so, what do you need to shed or reframe so you can boost your impact and reduce potential downsides?

It can be fun and useful to take on roles, but we need to know that roles can be chosen, and roles can be shed, like a pile of fur from a giant wolf.