Leaders have spent a lot of time fixing serious issues since last year. They have fixed supply chains. They have created methods to keep their employees safe. They have adjusted to impacts on sales and revenue. Organizations are pretty good at rallying around a threat and getting it resolved. Like ants pouring forth from an anthill when something disturbs it, organizations tend to respond quickly and effectively to threats.

But what if you and your team were as responsive to opportunities as they are reactive to threats?

Organizations sometimes struggle with new opportunities. This is particularly true when there are lots of opportunities or if the opportunities require changing or adding new ways of doing things. They often don’t know what to focus on. They may struggle with meeting the demands of today while trying to do something new. There may be pushback from those that see pursuit of an opportunity as a threat to their own interests or comfort.

It takes inspiring leaders and effective teams to break through these potential challenges. If not you and your team, then who? If not now, when?

Take a look a around. What is changing? What new opportunities do you see? What is your team seeing? Get these opportunities visible. Prioritize them and pick some to get moving on.

Aspire to move with alacrity. Be fast and enthusiastic. The Pfizer vaccine was developed in under a year. What might you do in a year?

There are enormous changes occurring now. And each change brings opportunity for those who actively seek the opportunity and are excited to make it a reality. I bet you that can be you.