I love the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. In it, two con men (played by Steve Martin and Michael Caine) make money by pretending to be what they are not.

The concept of made for a funny movie. But in real life and the world of business?? …Pretending does not work very well.

Leaders must be sure that the people in a role are a great fit for that role.

For the business, lack of fit can result in inefficiencies, poor results, and a breakdown in team dynamics. (People generally are unhappy working with a team member who cannot do their work well.)

For the individual, lack of fit can result in anxiety, frustration, and lack of fulfillment.

People can end up in roles that do not suit them for a variety of reasons.

They talk themselves into it. (“I have never done sales but I DO love people and it will give me a chance to travel.”)

The role changed over time. (What was once covered by one internal customer service person has now become a department with many team members and larger scope.)

The role was not defined well from the beginning. (Meaning outcomes and responsibilities are clear, not just related tasks.)

To ensure great fit, start with role definition.

Make sure that people coming into that role have the background and traits to do the job. If a person is already in that role, but now appears to not be a fit, help them to find a role that WILL work for them.

Ensuring fit is good business AND the ethical thing to do.

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