Every leader and every business goes through challenge. Some have even said that business is like war without the bullets.

While there are a ton of people rooting for you, there’s lots of people working against you (your competition) and lots that have their own challenges to attend to (your suppliers, customers, partners, and others).

Handling challenge is the through line for any success.

And sometimes the challenges may seem surreal. Nike founder, Phil Knight, was told by his bank that his young company was growing too fast and wouldn’t finance his company anymore. While he was growing by 50% a year, the bank said he was too risky and wanted him to hold more cash in his accounts before they would lend him more money. Without that cash he would not be able to have inventory to sell. He had to get creative!

That was just one of MANY challenges he had to overcome in the course of growing Nike.

Don’t waste time bemoaning the fact that there are challenges. Don’t let your team waste breath on it either.

Embrace it. Challenge just means that you are working towards something worthy.

Got challenges? Good. You are in the company of the great.