We have all seen weeds pop up through the cracks in driveways. They show us that there is a tremendous force for growth that persists despite all obstacles.

Even in companies where culture or systems or leadership are not optimized:

  • Good ideas will still pop up
  • People will want to show they can do more
  • Opportunities are presenting themselves

But these small beginnings still need a chance to reach their potential.

Don’t be part of the forces that are paving over the fertile ground that can help improve your business. Be the force to remove obstacles to growth. Create the environment in which people can win.

My great-grandmother often said that children show up already perfect. She thought that parents just need to be careful to not do anything to mess them up. I do not think that is true in every case, but she had a point.

Whatever your span of control (whether you lead a functional team, a business unit or the entire organization), make your plot a place where people can thrive. The seeds are there. Give them a chance.

This week think about things that might be getting in the way of your team’s success. These might include: lack of clarity on priorities, poor team dynamics, or even simple lack of training. If you are not sure what might be getting in the way, ask. I am sure you will get a couple good ideas for things that can help your team win.