The Fourth of July is a special day.  The story of the birth of our nation is nothing short of miraculous.  The story is also a template for those that are up for great things.

Step 1.  Use your brain to stake out a position.  The Founding Fathers did not just wake up one day and say “resist.”  Their position for declaring independence was carefully considered. The legal and moral questions of power on which they based their analysis were not a new ones.  They picked up arguments about the limits of an administrative state that went back to the abuses of the Star Chamber in the 1600s.  Big things are based on solid understanding of facts and principles.

Step 2.   Put your name on the line.  All of the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew by signing that they were facing prison and likely death, yet they signed.  The big things we are up to are not likely to be life or death.  Why not show the same boldness of saying what you stand for?

Step 3. Put values into action.  The Declaration of Independence documented in detail the grievances of the colonies against the King of Great Britain and showed that those actions contravened the values of self-direction and other rights that cannot be put aside by dictators.  From there the wheels started turning –and the rest is history.

Let’s celebrate the day and also be up for great things too.  We have the freedom to do so.