If we took 20% of the advice that we think would be great for others and applied it to ourselves, we would be at least 100% more effective. Maybe even more.

Consider some of the things you have advised others to do (or even in your head thought they should do).

For example, here are some pieces of advice that I have shared recently:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no and keep your own priorities.
  • Stay positive.
  • Strive for excellence (not perfection) in all things.
  • Pick up the phone to maintain relationships.
  • Talk about your passions and why you do what you do with your team.
  • Don’t be so sensitive to the email messages of others (sometimes hard to gauge intent and tone).
  • Have faith in your talents.

The above is good advice for me too.

We can be great coaches to others and can come up with good wisdom that can help them.

But don’t stop there.

Be wise enough to take your own medicine.

Use those insights to also help yourself. Self-help is still good help.