Hard Choices and the Leader

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Dan Moyle Flickr Creative Commons

Dan Moyle Flickr Creative Commons

My clients face hard choices every day.  These choices vary widely and include such diverse challenges as: personnel decisions, personal behavior, team motivation, delegation, and balancing new roles/responsibilities.  “I make hard choices” is part of the job description for all leaders.

An issue I often see is leaders being stuck in a holding pattern on many of these tough decisions.  They see what they have to do, but for whatever reason they have let inertia take hold and have not taken the next step.

What many leaders need to do is clear out some of these decisions that have been delayed or ignored.  Taking action in and of itself almost always generates energy and enthusiasm for other opportunities.

If you have not cleaned house recently, I would recommend the following: make a list of at least five things you are tolerating.  Beside each item describe the cost of not changing.  Pick the one with the highest payoff and get moving.

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