It is a lot easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. And it is ridiculously easy to get out of shape. Nobody needs to hire a trainer to make them sit on the couch and over-eat. When astronauts go to space, they dedicate valuable time to exercise routines to keep their bones healthy and muscles strong so that they can minimize recovery time on Earth.

It is easy to lose momentum. It is easy for things that were in good shape to get worse.
So take a moment to check in. How well are you doing on the things that were very important to you, even the ones that were in good shape pre-COVID?
These might include:

  • Performance habits (those habits that keep you at the top of your emotional, mental and physical game)
  • Team and organization innovation (culture, process, and outputs)
  • Collaboration between key business units
  • Leadership alignment
  • Development of the next crop of talent
  • Strategic focus
  • Strategic execution
  • Fulfillment of key employees
  • Team effectiveness
  • Progress on cool new initiatives

The race will not be won by those that are fastest at applying for PPP or instituting furloughs. The race will be won by those who can bounce back the fastest—and that requires not losing ground on previously hard-won gains.


The last couple months have seen layoffs and employment dislocation of epic proportions. In light of current circumstances and the fact that people will do best with jobs they actually enjoy, Harrison Assessments has made access to their career navigation system free to anyone. The assessment and its supporting career tools are relevant to anyone who is currently reassessing what kinds of careers they are interested in–and also appropriate for those planning to enter the workforce (high school and college students). Please feel free to share or post this link freely.  Simply go to and click on the button for Career Seekers.