There was a HBO comedy special on awhile back with Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, and Louis CK talking about the business and art of comedy.

One topic was their desire to break into the business.  For all four, the initial motivator seemed to be mostly just because “I wanted to be one of those guys.”  Even when they had a bad performance they knew they were still “being one of those guys” so they kept at it and persevered.  Role models are so important.  This was also quite evident with the athletes at the Olympics that just wrapped up.  So many had been inspired by the crop of athletes that had come before them.  They just wanted to be one of those guys or gals.

As you are pursuing careers and interests, what group of guys or gals do you want to be a part of?  The group can give the necessary vision, inspiration, and experience for what you want to achieve.  So as you work towards the kind of person you want to be, think about the groups that would best support you and make the connection.