My wife recently sent out a cute little postcard to her travel clients. It featured a dinosaur whose arms were too short to clap, with the caption “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your…oh.” Everybody who has grown up in the US has heard this little children’s song. (For those in Japan, you will recognize it as shiawase nara te o tatako…)

[The flip side of the postcard went on to explain that travel is down, but not extinct, hence the dinosaur.]

The point of the song is that it is a good idea to show our happiness and enthusiasm. Everyone likes a smile.

It’s a cute message and a cute song, but I think there is a message there too for leaders: the importance of making what you are feeling clear through action. And it is more important than ever as our teams are working remote and when we are in a world that seems increasingly uncertain and sometimes scary.

Obviously if we are happy with individual and team performance, we should let people know, but there are some others to consider:

If you are inspired by new levels of collaboration you are seeing, let them know.

If your are excited about new opportunities that you see coming, let them know.

If you are surprised by some of the cool things you see coming from other teams, let them know.

If you are proud about the positive impact your organization is having on the community, let them know.

People are hungry for good news in a tough world. If you are enthusiastic, proud, hopeful, encouraged, inspired, or even simply happy…let your team know. They will appreciate it, even if they might not clap.