The Wall Street Journal reported that new union tactics allowed by the NLRB might result in a union at a Nissan plant In Tennessee with only 2% of the workforce voting. Unions do this by focusing very narrowly on specific departments and specialties versus campaigns that address the majority of workers.

I will leave it to you to decide if this is a good labor policy or not.

But the tactic highlights an important truth: Leaders can change an organization by focusing attention on key parts of the organization, even if these departments are small.

  • A CEO can shift the safety culture through focus and development of the safety department.
  • A CEO can dramatically improve talent and performance with a strong HR team.
  • A CEO can improve marketing ROI with a great marketing team.
  • A CEO can improve product quality and manufacturability when the engineering team is strong.

What areas of your organization need to improve the most to meet your goals and aspirations for this year and next?

Think about how you might best support that function, including new hires, development of skills, and process development.

And remember: Your senior leadership team is often the best and most effective area to improve. (And I am always here to help you with that!)