Innovation Insights is a daily post on LinkedIn to help leaders strengthen those all-important innovation muscles over the next 30 days. Below is a summary from week 1.

Post-it Power. Imagine harnessing the power of all the great ideas that you jot down on a post-it note or scribble in a journal over a year. How much more effective would you be? 10%? 30% 50%? Why don’t we take more action on great ideas to improve? Often, we simply get busy or forget. The same phenomenon exists in your organization and teams. Be disciplined about getting people’s ideas out there, making them visible, and putting them into action. That’s what innovative cultures look like. 

Over-load. If your organization can’t resist driving forward with a multitude of initiatives (I have seen organizations say they have 13 “priorities”) at least make sure that a significant number of them dramatically raise the bar. Don’t overload your organization with a bunch of activities that keep your organization mediocre. Have the courage to be disruptive.

Synergy. People talk about the dysfunctions of teams and how to mitigate them. But what about the creative synergies of teams and how to tap into them? The potential of modern teams can’t be reached by only looking at what gets in the way.  We also need to fully explore the synergistic benefits of key parts of the organization, and get them moving to achieve their innovation potential.