As Keith Ferrazzi shared with a group of fellow MacKay CEO Forum Chairs recently, working with teams is one of the fastest ways to improve the trajectory of an organization. His great example is that no pro sports team on the planet works solely on developing individual skills. The team dynamic with have a big impact on whether star talents will be effective or even seen.

The same is true for leaders who that want their organizations to be more innovative. For organizations to reach their innovation potential and become Dangerously Innovative®, they not only need great leaders, they need great leaders who can work as a great team.

Having the tools and processes to be more innovative is critical, but without great leaders working as a great team, all aspects of innovation (from ideation to execution) will suffer.

Is your team grounded in the essential dynamics of intimacy, generosity, candor, peer-to-peer accountability, ability to co-create, and desire to develop together? If the answer is a “no” or a “not so much” or even “we never even use those words” then your team may have some real opportunities to grow –and see their innovation outcomes skyrocket.