While many things are uncertain, many things are predictable.

The economy will rebound, and many activities (even cruises) will return at some point.

Alabama will be dominant this football season and my wife’s infatuation with Coach Saban will continue.

Lots of Halloween candy (particularly chocolate, in my case) bought too far in advance will disappear before the trick-or-treaters get it.

There are many things that are also predictable about your teams and the people in your organization.

  1. People are feeling very isolated.
  2. People are stressed about current events and the economy.
  3. People are feeling stretched with new responsibilities like taking care of elderly people in their life, taking more responsibility for their children’s education, or both.
  4. People are at risk of feeling less connection with their work.

These conditions are predictable and call for all leaders to step up their game and be the most inspiring leader they can be.

What might this look like?

  • Communicating clearly how the organization will succeed in a rationally optimistic way
  • Being a great acknowledger of team and individual accomplishments
  • Staying highly visible, approachable and genuine
  • Being a steady, reassuring influence (not too high and not too low)
  • Actively sharing their passion and how their role fits with their purpose
  • Modeling a balanced life that includes business results along with focus on family and personal life
  • Being a great example of the company values
  • Taking time to connect with people personally
  • Being fearless about what needs to be said

These are just a few suggestions. Take a minute and think about the most inspiring leaders you know. What were some of the things they did that made a positive impression on you? What would being a more inspiring leader look like for you?

While the world will remain an uncertain place, the one constant is that it is inspiring leaders who really make the difference.

I will make one more prediction: YOU can be one of those inspiring leaders.

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