To protect websites and other digital assets, reCAPTCHA makes people prove they are not a robot by answering questions about random pictures. But how do leaders protect against people feeling that the organization is robotic and doesn’t care about their input? Most leaders DO want input from the team, but many will say there is potential for even more. Here are three things #leaders can do:

  1. ASK for input on things to improve on a regular basis. A regular basis might be on a quarterly basis with the team or monthly in one on one meetings.
  2. SEEK to understand the input on a deeper level. This means getting curious and showing interest in what they mean.
  3. TAKE action on their offer. If the input is valuable, then show them it was valuable enough to make a change. This might be a small change, like a way to get more referrals or it may be a large change like how to attract new users to existing products.

People want to contribute to positive change in the organization, but it starts with them feeling their input is desired and valuable and that they are not just part of a big machine.