5964727769_0a003f9edc_bThere is lots of advice recently about the benefits of getting back to the basics in our eating. But how about our thinking? Getting back to basics in thinking and embracing our inner caveman/cavewoman can lead to more effectiveness and less negative stress.

Below are 10 ways to reengage with your optimal “Paleo” thinking:

  1. Focus on the essentials. Don’t make things too complicated. Too many “shoulds” will bury the important.
  2. Imagine there is a tiger on your butt. Think proactively about what it will take to win at your task or plan. Half-hearted thinking is wasted thinking.
  3. See with the eyes of a learner. Scan the environment proactively and look for what you can learn from and how to apply new information.
  4. Consider your tribe. Surround yourself with positive thinkers that are making the kinds of achievements that you want. Contribute to this tribe. Be a good teammate and seek to develop your teammates.
  5. Nurture positive traditions. Look for ways to celebrate milestones and successes.
  6. Travel light. Drop unnecessary baggage. Comparisons, recriminations, and victim-talk are heavier than they look and affect ability to respond positively to the environment.
  7. Move with high situational awareness. Don’t walk around like a figurative or literal lamb. Be aware. Put the phone and other distractions away. Practice scanning the environment for threats, changes and opportunities.
  8. Keep it simple. Don’t let the beauty of fancy ideas get in the way of simple solutions.
  9. Work on speed. Think fast and agile. Don’t get stuck with a particular dogma. Observe the situation then make a decision. Work on an offensive (versus reactionary) mindset.
  10. Don’t muddy the day with regrets. Start off the day with an attitude of gratitude for another day to learn and grow.

Have you found benefits in getting back to basics in thinking? What would you add to the Paleo Thinking list?


Photo Flickr Creative Commons