A past client recently shared with me the term “Jesus bolts.” He told me that this colorful word describes the bolts that hold a helicopter wing to a rotor motor assembly. Obviously, these are critical connections. Lose this bolt and the whole thing comes down.

How sure are you about the critical components that can impact your business success?

These components are often PEOPLE and can fall into one or both of the following categories of impact:

– revenue generation
– delivery of your product or service

Lose some of these critical pieces and it will have a big impact on your bottom line.

(One major company I know took their eye off the ball and lost some key customers after their top sales leader left. These key customers represented a large share of revenue, which only returned when the company did everything it could to bring that senior leader back.)

Make sure you don’t get too busy and forget the keys to your success. These are usually people. Of course, anyone can be replaced. But replacement can take time and squander valuable opportunities. It’s expensive.

The better alternative is to make sure your company is the first and best choice for top talent…today and tomorrow.

What can you do this week to mean the most to those who mean the most to you?