My neighbor yelling over the fence: “Hey, Gary! Whatcha doing? Meditating??”


In fact, I was reading my iPad on the back porch. But I thought his question was both funny and ironic. What if I HAD been meditating?

The comment would have broken my focus.

You need focus to succeed. You need to focus on the goal. Focus on the task. Focus on the results.

Without focus, you are at risk to drift off the path, get lost in the weeds, and not be sure if you are making progress or not.

As a leader creating and maintaining focus is the key aspect of the job. You cannot get people excited about a goal if they are unsure what that goal is and what precisely they need to do.

Commit to being a focused person and leader. Be the person who creates more focus wherever you go.

Your results will come faster. You will experience less stress. People will see you as a breath of fresh air.

Where must you put your focus in order to have the 2024 you want?