Taking time away from work allows us to recharge the batteries and spend quality time with those we love.

Another enormous benefit from time away from the “grind” is perspective. Being out of the office and in different environs will almost always provide valuable perspective. That perspective can highlight true priorities, provide novel solutions, simplify issues, or uncover new opportunities.

Don’t waste your vacation on busy stuff that can wait or be delegated. But don’t waste the predictable value that will come from new perspective. With some time away did some of the activities you are involved in look off-track? With some time away did you realize there must be a better way for some challenge? With some time away did you see a simpler, more elegant solution to a problem? With some time away did you see some opportunities you would love to explore more deeply?

Before the perspective evaporates, take 10 minutes and write down one insight you had about your priorities, progress on initiatives, or challenges. You might start with the question “Wouldn’t it be better if…”

Decide in advance that you will do one thing to make your life easier and more effective upon your return.  Any fool can be busy, but smart people will capture any new perspectives and use them to be even more effective.