Everybody loves a good success story; especially if the person started from humble beginnings.

  • A president at Adidas started working in shipping and receiving.
  • A client who is now the owner of a high-end dental practice started her career as an assistant.
  • Another client who runs a very successful surgery practice also founded a high growth company in the virtual assistant space.

We can all increase our knowledge and move into new things. And everyone has their own growth journey.

I started my career as the first non-Japanese outside salesperson for a semiconductor materials company. Today I am a business growth advisor to CEOs and their teams as well as being part of the leadership team of an investment fund. I speak at national conferences. I run CEO roundtables. I have even written a couple books on leadership and innovation.

Even ten years ago I would not have imagined that I could do some of the things I am successfully doing today.

This is likely true for you too.

The limit to growth is, of course, largely up to us and our dedication to keep on pushing ourselves.

Don’t’ stop challenging yourself. As one of my mentors likes to ask: What if you displayed the courage of your talents?

But as a leader, you not only have responsibility for continually improving yourself, you also have the responsibility of helping those on your team to grow too.

The journey of continuously developing yourself and to helping others to do the same is fulfilling, fun, AND good business.
A new year will soon be upon us. Challenge yourself. Challenge the members on your team. There’s room to grow, yet.
PS There are lots of ways a leader can help their team and/or peers. Check out my Hierarchy of Help for some ideas.